Lemon Bakewell Slice

I have dusted off my apron, found my whisk and turned on the scales! I haven’t baked in such a long time, a mixture of laze and being slightly fat has kept me out of the kitchen. But…This week it is my turn to bring the cake/bakes so there is literally no better excuse.after much … More Lemon Bakewell Slice

Travel: La Palma

So I’m going to 100% honest with you, before I started researching this holiday I hadn’t heard of La Palma. After a little research, and thinking about the time of year, it shot straight to the top of our list 🙂 alAs soon as we arrived we heard lots of stories about people thinking they … More Travel: La Palma

Missing In Action

I have no idea where I have been recently and other than starting a new and very busy job I have no excuse. I’ve been flicking through lots of your blogs and have noticed lots of new and very exciting changes and can’t wait to delve into them a little further 🙂 So that is … More Missing In Action


So we went to Nottingham for a good friends hen weekend (the wedding is in a week, eek!) Cocktail making Now this is an experience I love. Cocktails, laughter and friends. What more could a girl want? We made some delicious cocktails and Revs Corner house followed by a delicious two course meal and then … More Nottingham

Daily Prompt: Churn

As we drove up the long, winding roads to Roque de lots Muchachos (La Palma) my stomach was kept Churning. The roads are narrow, have hairpin turns and massive drops on either side. It was however, worth it for the view.