Iceland 2010

We were very lucky to visit Iceland with school, an experience that I will never forget and a county like no other on earth!

It really is like landing on Mars!

You’ll have to excuse the quality of the photographs and the fact they have a date and time stamp – I took them a long time ago!

Don’t go chasing waterfalls


We had a little trip around the golden circle. These geysers were insane! This huge one is called Strokkur.
Getting ready to erupt!


A much smaller one, they are everywhere,
Crystal clear waters
This was a strange place to be jumping. We are actually on some ‘newly’ formed land. As you can see in the photograph below it looks like there are two cliffs. In fact they are the edges of two tectonic plates and they are moving away from each other so he ground between them in new as the lava bubbles up and then cools in the pools to create new earth.


You can clearly see that Iceland has been made from volcanoes. Just look at those ripples!
We went to Iceland just after the volcano had erupted. It is still active and that little cloud has actually come out from the volcano – there were loads of rocks that had come from the volcano littered all over the floor.
Waterfall rainbow.


Northern lights – aurora borealis. The photograph really doesn’t do it justice. It was breathe taking, mesmerizing and surprisingly moving.


Ice bar


Have you ever travelled to a country that has shocked you in terms of physical landscape or the culture? 

– happy travelling x

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