Abseil 2016

In 2015, something terrible happened and a young girl (whose brother I taught for two year) got hit in a car accident and she needed urgent help from the local air ambulance. Due to their quick response and amazing care on the seen she got to hospital, was put into a coma and eventually recovered. If it wasn’t for the air ambulance it would have been very different story! So in 2016, some colleagues and I, decided to raise some money and what better way to do that that jump off a VERY tall building in the name of charity. I wouldn’t be telling the truth if I’d have said I wasn’t petrified! As a team, we raised a lot of money all in aid of Jess and our local air ambulance. You can read her story here.

Unfortunately, because of the weather we had to go down the inside of the National Lift Tower but it was still a difficult yet rewarding experience. I’d love to go back and go down the outside!

Have you ever raised money for charity?

What has been the scariest thing you’ve ever done?

What could I do next to raise money for mental health?

– Hannah x

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