August Projects 2017

There is nothing I like more in the summer than having a few little projects on the go to keep me focused. This year I have decided on a few but if you know me you’ll be aware that I’m so prone to changing my mind. The list might not even be the same this time next week.

So most of these projects are to do with fixing up our house a little more 🙂

What summer projects do you have planned? Any ideas you think I could pinch?

– happy summer x

6 thoughts on “August Projects 2017

  1. Pinterest is awesome! So many great ideas. I also want to try string art and love the idea of pallet gardens. I like the feel of your blog; looking at all of your travels has me antsy to plan a vacation!


    1. I know, I sat doing this on Saturday and have booked my partner and I a week away by the beach, I love explorin whether it be near or far!
      I use Pintrest for lots of my project ideas x

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        1. I do too but unfortunately it hasn’t happened recently. We are planning a ‘big trip’ next year so holding out for that. Anywhere you would recommend to me? x


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